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Smoke signals

It's been a long, long time since my last post and the title of this one is fitting in more ways than one: strong winds this months spread a wildfire that had been smoldering since July at the end of our lake into our direction. Living right on the water's edge as we do, the fire wasn't too concerning as far as potential danger to our lives goes, but obviously neither one of us would like to see the trees and bushes, the wild meadows or animals we love so much burn.

Chances of the fire still advancing all the way to our place are slim, given how late in the year it already is, but a structure protection specialist flew in nonetheless and took down the necessary information on how many sprinklers, pumps and length of hose would be needed in case the fire manages to hurl itself close to our assorted doorsteps.

The fire fighters ended up doing a back burn to rob the flames of their fuel, and that daring feat combined with the wind turning and generous amounts of rain have p…

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