Leaving the wilderness

It meant a lot of headache and getting incomprehensible answers to probably extremely stupid questions, but as you see I did manage to move my website – yay! And no, I didn’t inadvertently lose lots of content along the way, I just took the opportunity to de-bloat my blog and delete posts I didn’t want to cart around with me any longer. I love getting rid of stuff.
It’s been a frantic week, actually two frantic weeks: because our old satellite internet modem had been acting up, we got a new one set up (read: my boyfriend had to get the installer and all the hardware in by boat, and then the weather turned so rough that the installer had to stay overnight – and in the meantime the old modem had of course decided to fix itself and was –is!- working beautifully again). While I packed for my year as a wildlife rehab volunteer, fiddled with the blog and mysterious things like CNAMEs, alias roots and A-records, and raced to finish my latest book translation, my boyfriend harvested and pickled a greenhouse worth of cucumbers. Plus it’s hunting season … cutting up and hand-grinding moose meat soon joined the multitude of other tasks. We’re so very grateful for the meat and yet so sorry we took this life.
Now we’re as organized as we can hope to be. Next week I’ll take the ferry from Skagway to Prince Rupert and continue on by train to Smithers to help take care of wild animals in need while my boyfriend has the opportunity to spend an entire winter out here by himself. Well, the summer and next fall, too, but then it’s easier to get out if he wants to or needs to. If he ends up blogging about his lonely bushman life, I’ll let you know. 

Goodbye for now, wilderness life ...

... log cabin, lake and mountains ...

... my sweet porcupine …

... and my love. Come follow me into the world of orphaned bear cubs, deer fawns, moose calves and other young animals whose chances of survival would be very slim were it not for Northern Lights WildlifeShelter.


  1. Hope the outside is treating you well and you're loving the work!

    1. Yes and yes!!! I just have to find a parallel universe with more time :D


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