I have arrived

... and have been crazy busy helping to look after 36 black bear cubs, three fawns, a cougar and lynx at Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter, while finishing up my translation of Robert McCammons "Speaks the Nightbird" in my spare time and writing a couple of newspaper columns.

The train trip from Prince Rupert to Smithers was beautiful, though a bit funny. The train schedule on the seats a poor-quality photocopy, somewhat out of synch with the more high-end glass-domed observation car in the back.

VIA Rail has obviously seen better times, but the landscape is stunning all the same:
I was picked up at the train station and whisked away to the wildlife shelter and its incredibly welcoming crew of fellow volunteers and the extended family who runs it.
I came here to help look after orphaned wildlife and learn more about animals, but I can already see that I will come away from this with more experiences than I ever anticipated.


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