Spring break

I guess I inadvertendly had a bit of a spring break as far as my blog is concerned! My excuses: madly finishing my translation of Robert McCammon's excellent historical novel "Speaks the Nightbird", all 45 bears being awake and active now ... and my partner came down here for a three-week visit.

We went for a few hikes in Babine Provincial Park, and up into Silver King Basin.
The trail up to Silver King is rather boring (an old mining road and no views except trees along most of the way), but once you hit the alpine, it's beautiful.

In other news - so yeah, all 45 bears are awake and active now, but we haven't received any newborn orphans yet. I'll try to get caught up here over the next week by posting every few days what's been happening since ... er ... February. Happy Spring to all of you!


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