Back into the wild

After ten months in civilization, I now can't get enough of wild spaces. It's almost like a hunger, a need to stuff myself with the sound of wind stroking the mountains, the sight of unbroken forests to the horizon, the taste of earth and wildflowers and trees.
 Is this how my bears felt when we released them? I crave the feeling of tussocks and rock under my feet, of sleeping with only a foamie between me and the ground, snuggling up to the earth.
We celebrated my return up north with a hike to Samuel Glacier in Tatshenshini-Alsek Park, close to Chilkat Pass (Haines Pass).
You can go for miles and miles here, accompanied by the warning whistles of gophers and marmots.
The nights were chilly even in early August; at least that gave us an early morning reprieve from the billions of bugs of every description that were overjoyed to find other blood than just that of gophers to suck.
I capped off the trip by taking the scenic way home.
A woodland caribou swam by my camp on the first morning:
 Back at home, our resident porcupine came by for an early morning visit.
It was still so dark out I had to use the flash. The porcupine knows us and isn't scared of us at all, but wondered what the flashing light was all about. She abandoned her breakfast and came over to me, quills down, to check it out.
When she was getting too close for my comfort, I moved a bit to indicate I was getting nervous. She immediately got the hint and turned around, quills still down, to resume her breakfast.
What a wonderful homecoming it's been!


  1. Welcome home!

    Your pictures are beautiful. You can feel the heart-happy right through the internet.

    I would write more, but it is our first sunny day in almost two weeks, school just got out, and I have cranberry hyperphagia (just kidding: I mostly freeze them)

    1. Thanks! We're enjoying a bumper crop of sakatoons (service berries); still waiting for the first frost to give the cranberries the perfect touch.

      Look forward to reading more about your latest adventures :)

  2. Welcome back! Your accounts of the orphan bears was tremendous. You rock! Enjoy being home.

    1. Thanks :) I hope to write a couple more posts about my bears and figure out how to upload some sound clips.
      Being home is wonderful.

  3. So nice you can be home to enjoy adventures before winter sets in. I don't live in the wilderness like you do, but I am happiest at our cabin up the lake. - Margy

    1. I hope you get to spend a lot of time at your cabin then :)Enjoy!


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