Happy Solstice!

Just before the last winter Solstice, this bear cub was found severely hypothermic and half frozen by the side of a B.C. highway. The kind person who cared enough to stop was able to simply pick him up: the little cub had no fight left. At Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter, he passed out in front of his first bowl of food. He could barely move.

Spirit made a full recovery and was released back into the wild in mid-June this year together with his good friend Mimosa who came from the same region.

The bear cubs I cared for during my ten months at the shelter are always on my mind, especially the thirteen yearlings we released. I hope Spirit, Mimosa and the others are safe and hibernating in good dens, and that those who have not survived will have known happiness in their time back in the wild.

The sun will spill more light now regardless.


  1. It must be strange leaving some of your heart with hibernating bears. Hibernation is such a peculiar thing - it's like loving someone who is frozen in time or memory. How exciting to think of them in the spring, becoming active again.

    1. Yeah ... pieces of me are sprinkled all across British Columbia. I miss those bears. I never had any special interest in black bears before those ten months, but they are such intelligent, fun, beautiful animals. I am quite convinced there's a bear lover in all dog people. There are great similarities between bears and dogs.

    2. My pup looked very black bearish when he was little and stout - everyone joked that I should have named him Shoh Azhraii. They are beautiful, and it was absolutely fascinating reading your insights during your time there. It gave me a lot to think about when I came across sign in the summer.


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