Murphy's law

It looks like I may have waited a bit long with long-distance hiking. C injured his knee in spring and after months of gradual improvement it's now got worse again.
So we're putting the Arizona Trail on hold - the knee might heal over the next months, but due to weather hiking the trail in winter isn't really an option. We're hoping to do at least a couple of sections though, assuming elderly joints will cooperate enough for that.
But hey, there are worse things in life! We're making the best of it and are currently enjoying the record-breaking snowfall in Canmore, Alberta, after hiking up to Wilcox Pass in Jasper National Park.
Canmore is a nice place to wait out a snowstorm! They have an awesome library, swimming pool and climbing wall complex, perfect to wait for the sun to reappear - which it did:
Here's to hoping we can leave the snow behind!



  1. That's such bad luck about the knee injury. Mine have been playing and I have the same fear of "elderly knees!" Looks like you had fun anyway though.

    1. We're making the most of it, heading down to Arizona anyway and doing as much hiking as the knee allows :) Hope your knees are better behaved than Chris's!


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