Desert thoughts

I’ve always felt the most connected to sparse, harsh landscapes - the high alpine, the far north – where life is fierce and tenacious, and the play of sunlight on the mountains is like a drug. The Sonoran Desert embodies all this, each cactus and thorn bush thrust up from the sandy ground like a proclamation.

Landscapes are not an extraneous thing, something apart from us - we’re part of them, human particles moving around in the larger organism. I lose myself in walking as the dust and air and scents become absorbed by my body, fill me, fulfill me, and for moments at a time I almost cease to be as a separate entity. I’m an ecosystem within an ecosystem, wilderness inside a wild landscape.

I know this much: I will definitely return to thru-hike the Arizona Trail which we’ve been crisscrossing on our day hikes these past few weeks.



  1. Our geologist friend calls the desert naked geology. He took us on many hikes to explore and learn about the beauty beyond the road. - Margy


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