About my wilderness blog

I'm looking after orphaned wildlife at Northern Lights Wildlife Centre in Smithers for a year, so my wilderness blog will change direction for a little while before I return to our home out in the bush*. I hope you'll find my experiences with orphaned bears, deer and other critters who will all be released back into the wild interesting enough to follow along.
*Our home out in the bush:
We’re into our thirteenth year of living off-grid and without any road connection in the remote region where the Yukon Territory, BC, and Alaska meet. Have a cup of tea with us, the chores are almost done: garden work, cutting firewood, washing laundry by hand, baking bread, and hammering away at an interminable number of building projects. 

Depending on the season, there’s moose meat, lake trout and veggies to can and dry, berries and medicinal plants to pick and process. No matter what time of the year it is, running water always means we have to run down to the lake with a bucket to get it. 

But it’s not all work; far from it. Long walks and boat trips open up windows into the lives of our wildlife neighbours. And I always have time to curl up with a good book, watch the sunrise, create stained glass pieces—and write. So from deep in the middle of nowhere, these words have flung themselves up into the atmosphere via satellite internet and found their way back down to Earth thanks to assorted antennas, cables and modems, only to emerge on your computer screen. Such is modern communication in the bush: I don’t press a tattered piece of paper into the hand of a frost-coated musher and ask him to mail it at the post office. I just press enter - exit the words.